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This Win2Linux page provides a how to easily and smoothly transform your win machine into linux... or could be your friend's or neighbour's or classmate's pc/laptop...

General Use:

1. if you dont want a dramatic change, firstly, install all free open source software that can run both on linux and windows. so when you really use linux, you will see the same programs.

those programs are:

  • to replace ms office
  • gaim - messenger client for yahoo, msn, aim, icq, jabber
  • to replace msie & msoe
  • sylpheed-claws for better email and newsgroup
  • 7zip

or, just use that packed with all these

2. if you already getting used to these great free progs, then download some livecd to test. see Knoppix Customizations

  • if you're installing on friend's pc, choose something that looks like windows, perhaps something with icewm/xfce. otherwise, you can choose something that suite your personal taste.
  • if you want to use kde/gnome for daily use, make sure you have enough cpu/memory because these desktop will use lots of it. (recomended at least pentium4 with 128mb ram)

3. use your favorite livecd for a few days and getting use to it.

4. choose install to hdd from your favorite livecd

5. voila! you have been save from hazardous windows... you and your pc will live healthy and happily ever after...


Check out wine and winex. These are programs that the developers have taken great efforts to make applications meant for Windows work on Linux.