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Beautiful collector-quality 1984 original first Apple Macintosh128K Model M0001 complete and working boxed set! Complete in the original matching serial # Apple Macintosh retailbox with original purchase receipts from the University of Chicago Computer Center in 1984 by the original owner!Macintosh is fully tested, original internal disk drive freshly serviced, allcomponents clean and fully detailed all around, and everything working! This rare 1984 Macintosh original Model M0001 complete boxed set is inexceptionally nice cosmetic condition ready for the new owner to proudlydisplay and use upon receipt!

Acquired from the original owner who lightly used when new and then keptit all stored in the original box, exceptionally nice, very rareand hard to find now in this condition!Complete in matching #original box first Macintosh Model M0001 sets in this nice workingcondition are very special and hard to find now 38 years later!

This Macintosh was upgraded to 512K on the original 128K board in 1986 by an Apple dealer for the original owner as shown on the included receipts! Includes the original purchase order letter and receipt from the University of Chicago Computer Center dated September 1984, original owner's copy of the original Apple Warranty registration showing the serial # of this Mac, and the receipts for the upgrade in September 1986! This Macintosh still retains the original Macintosh rear emblem, and the M0001 Model label, compared to many upgraded Macs that had a new 512K emblem and M0001W label in place of the originals to show the upgrade. This Mac still has the original external appearance it came with from the factory in 1984; yet has four times the RAM memory inside added on the original 128K motherboard, vs. a new 512K motherboard swap which was common. Atrue centerpiece for any Apple or vintage computer collection with receipts for provenance!

Smoke-free climate-controlled use and storage, no smoke or old mustyodors absorbed into the cardboard box or manuals or any of the other includeditems which cannot be removed and greatly detract from condition and value, butof coursecannotbe identified from online photos, so make sure youknow before you invest.All photos are of the exact items the buyer will receive.

I have sold 1984 Macintosh sets on for 22+ years with hundreds of satisfied Mac buyers from all around the world! Please review my selling response and seller star ratings from buyers. All items exactly as shown and described, and packed securely withbrand-new high-qualitymaterials to protect in shipment. Continuously active member under this same account since 1999!

January 2022 marked the 38th Anniversary of the launch of thisoriginal Macintosh M0001 128K model! The Mac was first introduced withthe famous Orwellian "1984" commercial during Super Bowl XVIII onJanuary 22, 1984; and was the very first reasonably affordable personal/home computerto use a mouse and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with desktopicons.

Macintosh system unit- (Model M0001)- Week 25 of 1984 production as decoded from the serial # on the Mac that starts with F425 whichdecodes as: F= Fremont, CA plant, 4= 1984, 25 = 25th week of year which was mid-June 1984. Serial# matches the original serial # label on the side of the box and the serial # on the original owner's copy of the Warranty Registration! Original 188K motherboard upgraded to 512K RAM by an Apple dealer in Chicago in 1986 with receipts!

Mac is theoriginal beige/cream color, not all darkly yellowed, discolored, mismatched,marked up, cracked, or damaged like many seen now are. No marker writing,no stickers or old sticker outlines, no cracks or missing parts, no engravings,only minor imperfections, some edge nicks, as expected for a 38+ year old pre-owned computer,very hard to find now in this nice clean cosmetic condition. No corrosion to the clock memory battery compartment on the rear, many will have heavily corroded contacts from old batteries being left in which leak out and cause internal damage, this one is clean!Allfour original rubber feet still on bottom of Mac and clean, not sticky. Screen display isbright, crisp, and stable with no burn-in or scratches on the glass.Steve Jobs and the original Macintosh design teams molded signatures inside therear case housing.

Sony 400K Single-Sided Internal Disk Drive- Dated April 1984 production sticker on the drive. Disk insert and eject mechanism has been fully cleaned and re-lubricated, so disks go in andout smoothly as designed. Drive head cleaned so disks read properly. OriginalMacs are totally dependent on the floppy drive as there is no hard drive, so aproperly serviced and tested disk drive like this one is essential for original intended usegiven the age. If you risk buying a Mac with a non-serviced drive it will likely be locked up and unable to insert or eject disks, among other problems.

Original 1984 Apple Macintosh keyboard- (Model #M0110)w/original coiled keyboard cable. Week 22 of 1984 productionas decoded from the serial # starting with G422 (4=1984, 22 = week 22).Original Picasso cardboard sleeve and nice clean white foam holders with embossedApple logo, foam not cracked or broken. Even still has original plastic cover over the holder and sleeve, which was originally opened on just the one end to remove thekeyboard. Sleeve edge on the opened side torn from where it inserts into theStyrofoam holders in the main box. Original keyboard cable is clean andtightly coiled, not all stretched out like heavily used ones, prong ends notbroken so stay firmly in place. All keys are clean and functional, everykey tested working to register when connected to this Macintosh!

Original 1984 Apple Macintosh one-button mouse-(Model # M0100) Original square style plug connector. Week 21 of 1984 production as decoded from the serial # starting with G421 (4=1984, 21 = week 21). Original Picasso cardboard sleeve and nice clean white foamholders with embossed Apple logo, foam not cracked or broken. Even still has original plastic cover over the holder and sleeve, which was originally opened on just the one end to remove the mouse! Sleeve edge torn on the open end where it inserts into the Styrofoam holders in themain box. Mouse rolls smoothly and works perfectly with theMac.

Original 1984 Macintosh mice and keyboards were made at a different production plant from the Mac computers, then were paired up with a Macintosh unit for final packaging and shipment, so will always be from right around the same timeframe of production as the Mac if they are the originals that came with the Mac, not from a much earlier and certainly not a much later week of production than the Mac as completed Macintosh units were not left sitting around waiting for a mouse and keyboard, they were shipped out with the accessories that were already produced.This is a matching original set as it came from Apple in 1984 with week 25 production Mac, and the keyboard and mouse produced in week 22 and week 21 of 1984 respectively.

1984 Macintosh Picasso Accessory Kit- Rare originalMac white plastic Picasso Accessory Kit box. Nice clean white color, notyellowed, corners not cracked or broken. The included originaldisks were just tested and working on this Macintosh with the freshly serviced internal disk drive! Includes all of thefollowing:
  • 1984 Macintosh Owner's Guide, no writing ormarkings inside, minor shelf wear to cover
  • 1984 A Guided Tour of Macintosh disk, tested and working on this Mac
  • 1984 A Guided Tour of Macintosh audio cassette in original case
  • 1984 Apple Macintosh System disk, tested and working on this Mac
  • Original set of 2 unused Apple disk labels
  • Original Apple angled-head Macintosh power cord and the cardboard power cord sleeve
  • Original Programmer's Switch never installed
  • Original Picasso fold-out packing list andset-up brochure showing the original contents
  • Original unused Apple rainbow logodecals (1 large, 1 small)

AppleMacintosh Original Retail Box-Originalserial# label on the box matches the serial # label on theMacintosh! The same serial # is also shown on the original owner's copy of the Warranty Registration which is included. Date code stamped inside the box under the bottom box flap is"3-84" indicating the box was made by the box manufacturer inMarch of 1984.

Boxincludes both the original top and bottom internal white Styrofoam that holdsthe Mac, in nice clean and white undamaged condition, not cracked or broken. Top foam has the large Apple embossed logo where the Picasso accessory kit box is placed.

Box is in fantastic condition considering the age of 38+ years andit is the original box this Mac was shipped in from Apple to the University of Chicago Computer Center as shown on the original shipping label on the side of the box! Some discolorationand scuffs, marks, dings etc. as expected given the age. Overall very nice clean and solid! No other markings or writing onthe box. All box flaps are fully attached, originaltape on bottom and over the top flap. Both side carry handles are NOT torn through or damaged,which is very typical with these early Mac boxes given the weight of the contents.Box is not re-taped over with ugly brown shipping or duct tape like many willhave, no marker writing, no added labels or anything except the original serial # andshipping label from Apple! Most of these 1984 Macintosh boxes are longgone now, or in much worse condition than this one considering it the box theMac originally shipped in and has remained with this Mac for over 38 yearsnow! Ready for prominent display in your Apple or vintage computercollection!

Increasingly rare to find an original 1984 Macintosh M0001 set complete in the original matching # Macintosh retail box with original receipts for provenance!Use Buy It Now or make a quality offer, lowball offers areautomatically declined.

Shipping via FedEx in US includes full insurance and online trackingnumber, Direct Signature from buyer required at delivery due to value.Original Apple Macintosh box will be packaged and protected inside alarge sturdy outer large NEW plain shipping box for full protection of theoriginal Apple box, with large FRAGILE stickers all around. Immediatepayment due at purchase, do not make offer unless you have funds and can pay infull at time of offer.

International buyers please send a message to see if shipping isavailable to your location, and for a cost estimate.

This boxed Macintosh is very heavy and large and will be very wellpackaged inside a new large outer shipping box to protect the original Applebox.I have sold and shipped hundreds of original Macs to satisfiedbuyers all around the world here on over the past 22+ years!

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