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ALTAIR 8800 Motherboard

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ALTAIR 8800 Motherboard:

This motherboard is from an ALTAIR/MITS 8800B.Removed from a damaged ALTAIR8800B.
This MB is the same as in the late ALTAIR 8800 models that preceded the 8800B and is a drop-in replacement for both 8800 and 8800B models.
The condition looks very good as can be seen in the photographs.
I have checked for shorts between the 100 circuit board traces and also the connector contacts. There is very minor copper oxidation in a few of the connectors but cleaning should restore them to a good working condition. I have cleaned two of the connectors and electrically they are in good condition, making good contact with an inserted card.
The 20 card guides shown are in remarkable good condition.
The MB and card guides will be shipped disassembled and packaged well. Contents will be the bare MotherBoard, bag of screws and bag of the card guides.
If you need additional photos or other information please do contact me.
As usual, there are no returns and no guarantees.

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