Apollo Vampire 600v2 / 600 V2 FPGA Accelerator Card for Commodore Amiga 600 For Sale

Apollo Vampire 600v2 / 600 V2 FPGA Accelerator Card for Commodore Amiga 600
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Apollo Vampire 600v2 / 600 V2 FPGA Accelerator Card for Commodore Amiga 600:

Includes Accelerator card, Original Box and Instruction pamphlet only. Provide your own Amiga 600 and have fun!
***Please read bullets 1-2-3 before purchase***. Works great, I'm planning to upgrade to the V4 for a specific need, and therefore selling this V2. Flashed with the latest Core 2.17 bronto.
In case you are new to Amiga/Vampire, I've included information that I wish I'd known at the beginning. If you are a veteran, then the below information can be a refresher.
1.Review cosmetic injury shown w/ red arrow. Tiny injury on the outside of socket, does not affect installation nor operation. Snaps on solidly, and secures via two screws.2. Vampire V2, as designed, requires the Amiga hardware to do all booting - Vampire's SD card is for storage only. You will need a working floppy drive/gotek, or better - an IDE attached SD/CF hard drive solution (available at any Amiga retailer) to utilize Coffin / Caffeine / Amikit HD images.3. All games and software from "Back in the Day" comes out the OG rear ports of the computer's original RGB/Comp/RF connectors as well as all audio via RCA jacks (repeat: there is no audio output from Vampire'sHDMI, as designed). If your Amiga 600's composite output is functional, you can get away with using a standard composite temporarily - but you'll quickly want to step up to crisp RGB*.
*Crisp RGB: The most cost effective way to display Amiga 600 RGB (Vampire installed or not) on a modern monitoris through an RGB to SCART cable from your favorite amiga reseller --connected to-- a $30-$40 black square box "SCART to HDMI converter"available on Amazon. A nice feature:Those black boxes have a SCART input, but also an HDMIinputas well! Thus, you can attach your Vampire RTG HDMI output to the black box, and press a button to switcharoo from legacy OCS/ECS (via SCART) to RTG (via vampire HDMI) modern and back. There's also, with SCART cables that include RCA audio inputs, an easy way to send the RCA audio through the box and ultimately to your HDMI V2 acceleratorprovides legacy OCS/ECS* original and enhanced graphics same as a real Amiga 600 output from the rear of the machine (OCS/ECS covers the vast majority of all Amiga games and software). It also provides RTG graphics via custom SAGA graphics core via soundless HDMI port.
Vampire V2 does not provide legacy "AGA" (Amiga 1200/4000) graphics capability - developers ran out of room on the FPGA for this. If you plan on requiring AGA graphics, you will have to step up to a V4 at Apollo-computer.com.
  • Apollo 68080 is application dependent:
  • up to ~ 800MHz 68030 / 400MHz 68040 / 200MHz 68060
  • 128 MB Fast RAM
  • FastKick
  • SAGA GFX Core : Truecolor HDMI out (Vampire's HDMI is RTG video only, no audio! --> OCS/ECS Video and all Audio is output via legacy RGB/Comp/RF and RCA audio jacks on the back of Amiga 600)
  • micro SDcard for extra Data storage (not bootable)

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