Apple 20th Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) 1997 For Sale

Apple 20th Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) 1997
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Apple 20th Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) 1997:

IF YOU BUY THIS COMPUTER, IT'S YOURS AND BEING SOLD AS-IS. DUE TO IT'S AGE AND FRAGILITY I DO NOT OFFER ANY REFUNDS OF ANY KIND ON THIS ITEM. IT'S RISKY ENOUGH SHIPPING THIS TO YOU AND I DON'T TRUST YOU TO SHIP IT BACK TO ME (IT'S NOTHING PERSONAL). I'VE BEEN BURNED ON BEFORE SO EVERYTHING WILL BE PACKED AND SHIPPED WITH EXTREME LOVE AND CARE IN A WAY THAT I WOULD WANT SOMEONE TO SHIP IT TO ME. THIS PARTICULAR ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED IN TWO SEPARATE BOXES. IF YOU CAN AGREE TO THAT PLEASE CONTINE TO READ BELOW.This 20th Anniversary Macintosh is fully working in almost every way. It does have some cosmetic flaws but nothing that is not representative of it's age. The original HDD has been removed and replaced with an 8gb SD to IDE adapter, but it does come with the original HDD with a base image of what is loaded on the SD card if you miss the sounds of an old school HDD. On my other TAM that is not for sale, I have a 128gb SD card so I know that Mac OS 9 and the SD adapter can at least handle that much capacity if you wanted to swap the 8gb for something bigger to load your offline MP3s. The CD drive is functional and the door is in great operating shape. However, the drive absolutely hates burned CDs. It's not a big problem though as the SD card can be popped out and read on a modern computer without issue. It is also equipped with a GIGABIT network card in the PCI slot. This allows for usable VNC connections to modern computers, Windows or Mac. It also allows for VNC connections into the TAM if you need to remotely manage it for any reason, this VNC server software is installed. The software has been perfectly themed to fit the aesthetics of the TAM, the hard drive icon on the desktop is even a tiny picture of a TAM. The software is also configured with an FTP server for moving files to and from the TAM over the network card from any computer that can use FTP. Just remember that when you transfer from FTP, Mac OS 9 looses the resource fork data. You will have to manually use Expander but once expanded the files should be correct. Loaded with lots of productivity software such as MicroSoft Office 2001 and Claris Organizer. Claris Organizer is configured and tested to sync with an Apple Newton 2XXX if you prefer a more offline way to organize your life and business but this does NOT include an Apple Newton of any kind. This 20h Anniversary Macintosh also includes everything you need to stream media to the built in svideo and analog audio port. There is an HDMI to S-Video adapter and an included Chromecast which technically allows you to stream anything from YouTube to Disney+ to the TAM. It is also maxed out with 128mb of RAM. As far as the cosmetic flaws, the base unit has a chipped and cracked front and the speaker covers have some damage normal for its age, and the keyboard has wear around the edges. I doubt that anyone will be using the analog TV tuner or FM radio but the connector for the radio has lost it's nut and is pushed back in the unit. I was unwilling to disassemble it that far to correct the issue as I do not feel qualified to complete the repair but it is not interfering with the operation of the computer in any way. The base unit has also been "retinned" to prevent the infamous speaker buzz. Audio is an absolute pleasure to listen to. I also had a hard time finding an appropriate internal battery replacement so it has not been replaced but is not leaking in any way. If you didn't want to use a battery at all, the network time server functions perfectly with the network card.Any other software that can be found on the Macintosh Garden can be loaded upon request. Any questions please ask. I can send videos as well upon request.
I'm asking a flat rate for shipping because of it being two boxes and will be insured for the full value. The shipping price will also include the cost of the insane amount of packing material that it will be secured in. I am not looking to profit from shipping prices so if it cost less than I'm asking to ship it all to you, I will refund the difference in shipping cost and I will provide receipts.

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