Apple Macintosh Computer 128k M0001 (1984) For Sale

Apple Macintosh Computer 128k M0001 (1984)

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Apple Macintosh Computer 128k M0001 (1984):

Vintage Macintosh Computer 128k Model M0001 Unit in fully working condition with no visible dents, scratches or damage on unit! Recently had unit cleaned and tested and had the diskette drive lubricated. Package includes these original items; Macintosh Owners Guide, System, MacWrite and MacPaint diskettes, manuals, boxes, cables, guided tour audio tapes, and a copy of the single sheet "MacWrite / MacPaint Update" - January 25, 1984Serial #F41538SM0001 (the 3766th manufactured during the 15th week of 1984 in Fremont, CA) matches Serial# on box.The original outer box is a bit rough with some discoloration and 2 small shallow punctures, and the plastic accessories box is discolored - but everything else inside is in great shape as it's been protected by the original styrofoam inserts and internal boxes.
I am the original owner of this unit that was purchased in early 1984. The Imagewriter printer shown in the photo is NOT included.The Macintosh will be packed as shown in it's original box - and then repacked in a larger, sturdy outer shipping box for safety and protection.
Shipping fees, Custom Duties and taxes (if any applicable) are the responsibility of the buyer.
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