Commodore Amiga 4000/40 A4000 W/ Tons of Extras - Powers On & Boots Up For Sale

Commodore Amiga 4000/40 A4000 W/ Tons of Extras - Powers On & Boots Up

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Commodore Amiga 4000/40 A4000 W/ Tons of Extras - Powers On & Boots Up:

Commodore Amiga A4000 (4000/40) bundle. This is an estate sale find - I'm the second owner. Items appear to have been taken care of and stored properly. I didn't clean anything or do anything to this, so you see it in the shape I found it in. You are buying exactly what is pictured and described in the listing - nothing else is included.

No returns on this item due to shipping costs - everything is sold as is. I will pack and ship carefully. Please read carefully and ask me any questions. I can send additional photos/videos upon request (I have photos of basically everything).

The computer turns on and boots up (see photos). Other than that, the items are not further tested. When the computer boots up, there is a clicking sound that happens a few times but then goes away (seems to be from one of the hard drives).

Hardware installed on the computer:

  • Commodore A4000 Motherboard Rev. B
  • Commodore A3640 board Rev. 3.1
  • Commodore A4000 Daughter board Rev. B (GX B-VO 9310)
  • Video Toaster 4000 board (with software and manuals - see below)
  • ASDG Inc. EB920 board #90019-B
  • Sunrize AD516 Rev. 2.1 audio card (comes with Sunrize Studio 16 2.0 user manual)
  • Caviar 36400 hard drive (6448.6 MB)
  • Seagate ST52080A hard drive (1080MB)
  • Chinon FB-357A floppy disk drive
  • Skynet 391173-01 COM-915C-1 power

Other hardware/software/extras (items complete except where noted):

  • Commodore A2620 Rev. 3 accelerator board (for Amiga A2000)
  • Hard Disk Controller GX-B-VO 8829 #311982 Rev. 5 (for A2000? - I'm unsure)
  • Great Valley Products (GVP) box, labeled GVP EC Combo 030 -40/40/4 Drive (***I think this refers to a "G-Force" 030 / 040 Combo board, but it's unclear to me if this is one of the boards installed or one of the two extra boards)
  • Workbench 2.1 software and manual (missing one disk)
  • Workbench 3.0 software and manual
  • power cord
  • RGB to Scart cable (new)
  • Video Toaster 4000 software (all 45 disks + a 4.3 version CD)
  • 6 manuals for Video Toaster: production and installation, introduction, addendum to Toaster 4000 user manual, system 2.0 introduction/addendum, ToasterCG, Lightwave 3D
  • Dimension Technologies Odds & Ends 200 objects for lightwave
  • 11 other manuals:
  • Amiga 2500, Enhancer Software, Amiga Hard Drive (2), AGA Supplement, A4000, ARexx (2), AmigaDOS (2), Software Upgrade
  • Other various software:

Quarterback AmigaDOS release 2, Quarterback 5.0, DiskMaster II, Ami-Back Tools, InterChange Plus Amiga 3D conversion tool, Gigamen virtual memory system, BCD-5000 Video Control System, two Fancy 3D fonts disks, Animation Volume 4 Issue 1 Disks 1-3, Amiga Public Domain Volume 1 Issue 2 Disks 1-3, homemade sofware disks of windows 3.1 disks 1-6

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