DKB Insider 1 Meg 1MB Memory and RTC Upgrade for Amiga 1000 for PARTS OR REPAIR For Sale

DKB Insider 1 Meg 1MB Memory and RTC Upgrade for Amiga 1000 for PARTS OR REPAIR

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DKB Insider 1 Meg 1MB Memory and RTC Upgrade for Amiga 1000 for PARTS OR REPAIR:

Disclaimer Up Front: This item FAILED my attempts at testing. As such, it is sold AS-IS for PARTS OR REPAIR ONLY.

You are buying a DKB Insider 1 Meg Upgrade Board for the Amiga 1000 which has been recapped but Failed Testing. Pictures are of the exact board for sale.

This item failed the seller’s attempts to test it. I installed it per the instructions on the Big Book of Amiga Hardware website, and no extra memory showed up in Kickstart/Workbench 1.3. No add-on boards were seen by SysInfo. The seller does not know if this board autoconfigures.

The seller does not know if the board requires drivers (which are not included) or repair. Perhaps, the missing third jumper wire needs to be installed. Maybe the BBoAH website has the wrong DIP switch settings… though they match the pictures on their website.

But for those of you that want a period-correct RAM upgrade board and are willing to put in some work, then make me an offer… or Buy It Now if the price is right before someone buys it out from under you.

Oh, the sealed battery in the real-time clock is certainly dead, too. New old stock of the module does not appear to be available; however, modern replicas might be available, as it appears to be the same as were used for no-slot clocks for other computers.

The memory chips appear to be Kyocera KM41256-15 chips. They all appear to have a date code of 712.

This squarely puts this card at 35 years old. And considering it failed my testing attempts: this item is AS-IS for PARTS OR REPAIR. Hopefully the latter.

Make your offers accordingly. Study all photos closely and ask for additional ones as necessary.

I am unable to offer technical support on this item.

And obviously this card requires an Amiga 1000, and fits in the empty space Parallel to the Writable Control Store board, which could interfere with other upgrades. Please do your research first, I cannot guarantee compatibility.

Note: this is a long card, and will need a long box. If it will ship cheaper in a non flat rate box, I will use that and refund the difference. However, it still ships Priority Mail.

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