IBM AS/400e 9406-170 System WORKING COMPLETE System + OS License AS400 Midrange For Sale

IBM AS/400e 9406-170 System WORKING COMPLETE System + OS License AS400 Midrange

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IBM AS/400e 9406-170 System WORKING COMPLETE System + OS License AS400 Midrange:

Selling my largestAS/400 Model 170 system. I am an IBM Midrange system hobbyist and collector, and this is the largest and nicest-configured machine I've been able to lay my hands on. It's a complete working system, with OS license and clean OS install on the machine. sale photos show hardware condition and include screenshots of machine configuration.
Other than some dust on the plastic covers and some lights scuffs on the exterior panels, the machine is very clean inside and out. All hardware is functional.
A complete list of included hardware is below:
9406-170 System Unit SN 10-48K0M#2291 Processor (1 CPU, 115CPW)512MB RAM (4x #3002 128MB DIMMs)40GB Disk (10x #6607 4GB SCSI Disk Drives, configured as RAID5)Expansion Unit (#7101)MLR3 Cartridge Tape Drive (#6386)SCSI CD-ROM drive (#6321)Twinax/WAN I/O Adapter (#9720) (includes Twinax port cable and 1 communication cable)RAID Disk Controller (#2740)Twinax Expansion (#2746) (no cable included)2-Line Communication Controller (#2745) (no cables included)Ethernet LAN Interface (#2838)Magnetic Media Controller (#2729)
The RAID Controller Cache Battery and Control Panel Battery were both replaced in late 2021.
Included is a base license for OS/400 V5R1 which is installed fresh on the machine. I'll also include a compatible tape cartridge with a complete backup of the system saved on it.
All account and service passwords are known and will be delivered with the machine.
You will need a twinax terminal to connect to this machine as a console for extended use, however, in order to get you started on this machine if you don't have a terminal, I've pre-configured the machine's Ethernet port so it can be attached to a local network, and you can connect to it over a local network. Connection information will be provided. This way even without a console terminal the machine can be immediately accessible.
This machine is approximately 24"H x 22"W x 26"D and weighs approximately 160lb.
Free local pickup north of Atlanta GA, or I can meet you somewhere within an hour's drive of north Atlanta.
I will pallet and pack for freight shipment for $50 (materials cost) if you want to ship the machine. Buyer arranges and pays for all freight. Truck-height dock available.
No warranty implied, but I will assist with any questions you have on setup or basic operation of the machine.

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