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NEW---- Vintage computer "APOGEE BK-01red.very rare":

!RED color computer case!This vintage computer works fine and tested with all accessories.
The monitor is not included in the package!Apogee BK-01 and BK-01very rare does not have a color output early model. Apogee - a Soviet home computer, computer enhanced version of Radio 86RK. Most programs for Radio 86RK at apogee will work. The computer uses the CPU KR580VM80A has 52 KB of RAM. Connected to the TV. As data storage uses a tape recorder or a ROM-drive. Has the ROM of 4 KB to monitor program lets you upload / save programs, view / modify memory and generally debug computer. Embedded BASIC not. Computers have an external 24-bit port based KR580VV55A. Well, have a keyboard controller on the basis of the same KR580VV55A. Computer Radio-86RK appeared in 1986 as a scheme in the magazine Radio (number 4-6 / 1986). Fans had to build a computer yourself. And he became industrially produced much later under different names. A feature of the computer was a small circuit, only 29 chips for a version with 16 KB of RAM. The scheme was simple thanks to the chip KR580VG75, which contained the majority of the video. This chip has worked together with the DMA controller KR580VT57, character generator ROM and a few simple chips. Unfortunately, the chip KR580VG75 could only display a text mode screen 64x25 / 64x64 uses a total of 128 characters. CG contains English and Russian letters (which is very nice on the background of foreign computers), but small enough character generator only capital letters. Lowercase letters are not. Just put in the CG characters for the pseudo-graphic mode 128x128. Unlike computer Radio 86RK the computer Apogee 2 CG. The second decoder contains symbols for the pseudo-graphic mode 192x128. Alternative CG computers Apogee switches output INTE processor. The computer Apogee BC-01TS (not Apogee BC-01) in the same color image appeared. KR580VG75 chip allows to realize the color image, but for the sake of simplicity, computer Radio 86RK this feature was not implemented. This revision required maximum 3 simple circuits, and computer enthusiasts have modified RK86 hands. Apogee Computer BC-01TS allowed to use 8 colors for characters on a black background. Either 8 colors background with black characters. Color management for the programmer was implemented extremely uncomfortable. Programmer wrote in the video memory with the special value codes 80h - 9Fh, which changes the color of the following character. These codes can be displayed in the form of blanks, but then the screen were unused positions. Either the video controller can operate without gaps, but it leads to a shift of the entire video memory on a single character. The address in the symbol memory with certain coordinates depend on the previous symbols and generally can be any. Well tolerated and no more than 16 color changes per line. Pseudo-graphic mode 192x128 8-color graphics can achieve comparable ZX Spectrum. Black and white permission from ZX Spectrum certainly more 256x192, but the color just 32x24, against 64x64 (in the worst case, 16x64) at apogee. In the video and was a nice feature. He allowed as video memory to use any portion of the address space. This allows us to use the vertical and horizontal scrolling and multiple video page.

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