Peavey Autograph MIDI Programmable Graphic Equalizer For Sale

Peavey Autograph MIDI Programmable Graphic Equalizer

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Peavey Autograph MIDI Programmable Graphic Equalizer :

LCD back light doesn't come on.Programmable 28 Band Equalizer EQReal Time Acoustics AnalyzerRare as they come, and oh so useful. Use the internal pink noise generator to "pink" the room. Use a mic (7 calibrations available so you aren't tied to a particular mic. Mic not included.) Scope out the response. Optimize. Record it to memory. Next time you're back to this venue you're already in the ballpark EQ-wise.PACKAGING.We also insure all shipments. So those extra materials and time to get your item to you safely is worth a few more dollars to all our happy customers whose comments you can see in our exceptionally positive response. Cheap shipping price usually means inadequate and flimsy packaging,
with the result a battered or broken item on the other end. "SHIPPING" cost includes:
Multi-layered professional packing and packaging,
materials, shipping cost and insurance.Due to the inherent nature of vintage electronics and optics, we do not
accept returns. However, we do all that is possible to ensure
safe arrival and maximum performance upon that arrival.In some circumstances, we may accept a return, but
only under certain conditions. We are always ready to
answer your questions about our items.We work hard to keep our 100% rating and we want our buyers to be happy!
If there's a problem, let us know so we can do our best to remedy it for you. We appreciate and reciprocate positive response for our great buyers!

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