PiStorm 68k CPU Accelerator/Expansion/Replacement Amiga 500 2000 For Sale

PiStorm 68k CPU Accelerator/Expansion/Replacement Amiga 500 2000
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PiStorm 68k CPU Accelerator/Expansion/Replacement Amiga 500 2000:

Low Profile PiStorm (classic) Adapter board that connects a Raspberry Pi to the 68000 socket or a socket adapter
Are you ready for some modern features and performance on you're classic Amiga, Atari or Mac? The Raspberry Pi board will emulate a 68000-68040 CPU with a huge boost speed. Active support channel on Discord (https://discord.gg/ma4KMbU3).
NOTE: The Raspberry Pi is not included, the below information is provided to show some features that the Raspberry Pi can provide a classic computer when attached to this board and plugged into a classic computer (also not provided).
Additional features of a Raspberry Pi plugged into this board and installed in a 68000 socket
  • allows hard drive files/file sharing with the Pi's SD card
  • the Pi can act as a graphics card for the classic system
  • the Pi can provide CPU-addressed memory for a significant memory boost
  • the classic machine can use the Pi's network adapter for access to the internet or local LAN
  • the Pi can capture the keyboard and mouse for use on the classic system
Board basic features
  • Low profile round machined 68k socket pins
  • High-quality Samsung CAPs
  • Brilliant Commodore Blue PCB
  • Pre-flashed (with longer hold flash) and tested working
  • Tested with the ZZ9 PiStorm Testing board, and buptest.

What you will need (not included):
  • Raspberry Pi (best will be the 3 A or B)
  • A memory card for the Pi and the classic system storage
  • Firmware software, there are several available for download depending on taste and how much setup you want to do on the Amiga side
    • Emu68, Musashi/Raspberry Pi OS, CaffineOS, AmiKit to name a few. Google search or the discord channel can help you locate this.
  • Anything you want to plug into the Pi, such as an HDMI cable for Amiga Pi RTG and/or Pi setup.
  • Consideration for space inside the machine and every machine will have different space availability. For instance, on the Amiga 2000 you can use a CPU slot to socket adapter board. On the Amiga 500 you may need to cover the metal shield with tape or something to ensure it doesn't touch the Pi. The Atari STE will need a 68000 socket, which can be provided by an adapter board.

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