TeamGroup 16GB PC4 2666 PC4 21300 DDR4 2666MHz 1.2V CL19 Desktop RAM Memory For Sale

TeamGroup 16GB PC4 2666 PC4 21300 DDR4 2666MHz 1.2V CL19 Desktop RAM Memory
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TeamGroup 16GB PC4 2666 PC4 21300 DDR4 2666MHz 1.2V CL19 Desktop RAM Memory:

TEAMGROUP 16GBPC4-2666 DDR4 2666MHz PC4 21300Desktop RAM Memory

PLEASE NOTE!: As with any product that you buy to enhance orupgrade your existing system, you should ALWAYS check on the productinformation directly with the manufacturer for more extensive details and makesure the item is correct for your needs.

Tested andcarefully removed from the working units.

DISCLAIMER Please Note: When listing multiplesof an item, especially Ram or CPU's, wecan only picture one set or one of the item. Sometimes some of the Ram willhave other tags (i.e. Lenovo, HP, or say both Micron and Crucial) or could havedifferent colored tags than what is pictured (i.e. blue or white or another). Wedo not usually list Ram by where or what country it came from or by any extranumber or tags that might be on it. Only by what type it is (i.e. PC3/PC4 and itsspeed or MFP if possible) But the Ram will all still be exactly what we areselling in the description. Or the CPU'scould have different regions of manufacturing, but again they are the same typeof CPU that is being sold. Thank you.

Please Be Advised: We use EurosoftPCCheck, and all of its multiple testingprograms, for all of our Computerizedand Component Testing. This is a top of the line program that gives the bestresults to date, for testing and verifying the test results. It is a programthat you have to purchase and receive continual updates for. IT IS NOTa FREE program that is Minimal or Incomplete and doesn't fully test items asthey should be. That being said, even a component that has been strictly testedand has passed all testing, still has the possibilities of not working right inyour unit or not being compatible with it. We do offer a greatreturn/replacement program, so if you do have issues, please let us know firstand we will do our best to resolve that issue for you. Thank you!

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