Vintage DEC Digital Equipment Corp. DECstation 320SX Computer For Sale

Vintage DEC Digital Equipment Corp. DECstation 320SX Computer

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Vintage DEC Digital Equipment Corp. DECstation 320SX Computer:

Vintage DEC Digital EquipmentCorp. DECstation 320SX Computer

For sale- a Vintage DEC Digital Equipment Corp. DECstation320SX Computer. I did a little diggingonline and found it described as a 386SX processor machine that Tandy built forDEC, which is pretty weird. Equallyweird was that it was a NASA computer so I was surprised to see that it stillhad a hard drive in it but it must have been wiped clean because it’s basicallylooking for a boot disk at this point I guess.Somewhere around here I have both DOS and Windows from this era on 3.5”floppy so I may try booting it up when I have some sare time. Which will probably be after I am dead. Nothing special about a 386SX, but I have toassume there aren’t many of these that didn’t find their way to alandfill. Does that make itcollectible? I don’t know, you tell me.

Untested, sold as is, and NO warranty is offered. HOWEVER, IF you pay the asking price and ithas a problem that you cannot live with within 14 days of receipt you mayreturn it. Returns are ONLY allowed on Buy It Now purchases. Accepted Best Offers are strictly an as issale, no returns allowed. Return wouldbe for a refund of the purchase price, not including shipping costs.

The computer is in good physical condition but given theage you should expect scuffs, scratches and nicks to the case. Please check out my other listings for moreinteresting vintage computer equipment.I have a number of other DEC computers that I have yet to get to. Check back often!

Sold as is, as described, as pictured. Potential buyers are asked to please makesure you have read the listing carefully, and understand what you arebuying. ’s condition codes for used items, which I am required to choosefrom, might imply a degree of functionality that my limited time, knowledge,and facilities do not allow me to ascertain.If the functional condition of the piece is known it will be stated inthe listing. Unless a warranty isspecifically offered returns are not accepted regardless of any impliedfunctionality.

Payment is expected within 7 days of the sale and I needto hear from you within 3 days to confirm the transaction. Please add $28.99 for shipping anywhere inthe continental US. Internationalshipments plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico ship based on whatever cost isdetermined by

If the piece being sold here requires a standard modularcomputer style AC cord I no longer ship those automatically because I have toassume everyone has a box full of those by now.IF you need and AC cable I will be happy to include one if it does notcompromise the packaging, all you have to do is ask.

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